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About moi!

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The Short(ish) Version

Born in Scotland. Grew up outside of a small town in northern Alberta. Always creating or learning something.

I'm Ashley McClure, a Graphic Designer living on an acreage outside of Edmonton with my husband and our dogs. I am and always have been passionate about art and design.

I was enthralled with "Ogilvy on Advertising" since I first picked it up at 14 and have studied consumer influence, advertising, and creative visuals ever since then.

I love what I do. I'm a fan of both sophisticated simplicity and bold joyful colours. I believe good design is often invisible but sometimes can be so charming it captures all attention. 


My intention is to capture a brand's personality by creating compelling brand identities and design. Drop me a line any time!

Fun Facts & Favorite Things!

  • I learned to play the violin by ear when I was in junior high.

  • If you're into the Myers Briggs school of thought, I'm an INFJ.

  • I read a lot of books and usually have at least 3 on the go.

  • I love to travel and have been to a fair amount of countries, most recent being Nicaragua.

  • I've won the odd colouring contest in my elementary school days.

  • I have a huge garden in the summer time and spend many many hours in it. Do you need a spaghetti squash by chance?

  • I like running but only with my dog Pete (he feels the same way).

  • I like to knit and if you don't watch out, I'll make you a toque!

  • My top influences for visuals and design are: MAD Magazine, Toulouse-Lautrec, Sergio Aragonés, Al Jaffee, Roy Lichtenstein, Archie Comics, Matisse, Warhol, and Venetian glass.


Running Partner Pete (left) and Sasha

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