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Scotland born, Canadian raised director and designer with 9+ years of professional experience.

Hi, I'm Ashley McClure, a Director and Designer living on an acreage outside of Edmonton with my husband and our dogs. I am and always have been passionate about art and design.

I'm a big-picture thinker with long-term goals in mind. I organize and lead the creative process, maintaining a cohesive project, and guide creative teams. Approaching design and branding from a strategic perspective, I love to tell stories through visual systems and experiences.

My intention is to capture a brand's personality by creating compelling brand identities and design, and leading a team to create their best work that they are excited about! I live and breath a brand when I work with it, and it's my goal to have that passion replicated and understood within all touchpoints of a company.

I was enthralled with "Ogilvy on Advertising" since I first picked it up at 14 and have studied branding, consumer influence, advertising, and creative visuals ever since then.

Branding is so much more than a logo and a visual style, it's the feeling and impression your client has of you, and it's why I care so much about cohesive and consistent branding that is authentic and embraced by all levels of an organization. When everyone is onboard with their brand and truly believes in it, amazing things can happen.

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